MASTERING - Audio mastering, mixing and summing  is THE mastering house for you. Our skill as mastering engineers will make your songs reach that magic sound. Try our analog summing of your mixing and experience warmth and clarity of a whole new world. As we use both top of the line Digital Mastering plug-ins and State of the Art Analog Gear we'll bring the best out of the sound and accomplish an astonishing Master.

Mastering audio samples

Listen to some of the many, many mastering jobs we've done throughout the years at SoundCloud. We have a collection of mastering and mixing samples from different genres such as pop, rock, country, acoustic, oriental etc. Enjoy and just imagine what our mastering can do to Your recordings.


Mastering your tracks

You can use the option to send your tracks to us via our ftp or wetransfer in order to let us master your project. Just use our orderform and we will get back to you with a good price offer.


Analog Summing of your mixing

Why should you use our analog summing-mixing to your project? Well, if you have experienced the differences between digital and analog mixdown you would already know. But to describe for you it is just amazing. More musical, deeper, higher, wider it's everything. Warm and soft, loud and punchy, clear and nice. You'll feel it's tight, but open at the same time. Experience for yourself the analog summed mixing.

CD/DVD pressing and duplication

We can give you the service of printing on CD, DVD as well as other media such as posters, sd cards, usb etc. We have a wide range of cd dvd package to choose. Digipack, jewelcase, paperwallets and more, ask us for more.
We use only professional printings as offset, screen, digital UV and thermal transfer.
Do you need promotional materials such as posters, brochures and business cards, mugs? Contact us for a price offer. 

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video about Digital Versus Analog in Mastering

22 Jan 2016

Here's a video about Digital Versus Analog in Mastering Digital Versus Analog in Mastering

How to master your tracks yourself

22 Jan 2016

Here's an (old) artichle about How to master your tracks yourself href="">SOS audio mastering

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